Whisker Sitters … Professional Dog Sitting, Cat Sitting
and Dog Walking Service in Traverse City, Michigan

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Whisker Sitters offers a unique and affordable alternative for your pets when you go on vacation or a business trip, need to work late at the office, want to go golfing, boating, shopping or sightseeing, are visiting in our beautiful area and staying in a local motel, hotel, condo or vacation property, staying in the hospital, or are just stuck in traffic and can’t or don’t want to make it home on time.

You can leave your pet(s) in our capable hands, knowing they are in the comfort of their own home with familiar surroundings and following their “normal” daily routine.

We offer individually customized dog sitting, cat sitting and dog walking services in the Traverse City area to meet all your needs. Not only are your pets in a place they know, but your home will be taken care of also, with mail and/or newspaper pickup, trash removal, watering of plants and rotating of lights and window treatments for that “lived in” look, all of this for no additional charge.

Whether it is a once or twice per day visit for the kitty, or two to three times per day visit for the puppy, we are there to feed, provide fresh water, play, walk, love and generally just pamper them to make your special “fur” baby happy and comfortable.

Whisker Sitters is fully-insured for your protection and provides pet sitting services to the greater Grand Traverse area, including Traverse City, Greilickville, Grawn, Interlochen and Acme. We will be more than happy to visit your pets and keep them pampered, safe, happy and healthy whenever you can’t be there! If you live outside of our regular service area, please contact us and ask about our affordable extended zone/mileage fees.
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Your pets are happy because …

Reduced Stress: Pets are in their familiar and safe surroundings.

Diet: Pets are kept on their normal daily routine and diet.

Health: There is minimal exposure to other, out-of-the-household pets that could carry illnesses you wouldn’t want your pets to catch.

Care: Your pets receive the love and attention you would give them while you’re away from home.

You are happy because …

House: Not only do you have a pet sitter, but we will check on your house while we are there for pet sitting visits as well. We will keep a watchful eye on the house as if you were there yourself.

Transportation: You no longer have to worry about the hassle of rushing to pick up or drop off your pets.

Ease of Mind: You can leave your house stress-free and relaxed knowing that your pets will be left behind in loving, qualified and professional hands.

Returning Home: You can walk into your home at anytime, day or night, and your well-cared-for pets will be waiting there for you with open paws.

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