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It’s almost Easter, and signs of Spring will soon be here! For most of us, the Easter holiday brings back many fond memories of chocolate treats, Easter egg hunts, colorful Easter baskets filled with goodies, and bunnies. But if you are a pet owner, please be careful if you have these Easter staples in your house, or in your neighbor’s yard, which can pose danger to the health of your dog or cat.

Don’t worry, you won’t have to give up your favorite treats and traditions to have a safe Easter holiday.
Simply watch out for these hazards, supervise your pets and your children closely and try these substitution tips, so everyone can enjoy a Happy Easter Holiday!

The following seven Easter holiday items are the most common dangers for your pet:

Eggs – Dyed and Plastic
Shiny plastic eggs may look like toys to your pets. If they chew and swallow the plastic, it can cause intestinal problems that may require surgery. Fresh, hard boiled eggs are not dangerous, but eggs spoil quickly. If days later your pet finds and eats an egg that was undiscovered during the Easter hunt, it can make them very sick. Tip: Keep track of the number of eggs hidden and make sure all of them are accounted for at the end of the hunt.

Easter Grass
Cats are especially attracted to these shiny shreds, and just like tinsel, ingesting this “grass” may be lethal. Pets cannot digest it, leading to the threads getting stuck in and damaging their intestines. Tip: A better choice? Try using paper, or even real grass!
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Easter Lilies
Easter lilies are one of the most poisonous plants for pets, especially to cats. While these flowering plants are beautiful and add a symbolic and festive look to your home, they should be avoided at all cost if you share your home with pets. Vomiting, lethargy and loss of appetite are symptoms of lily poisoning. Cats who take a bite of the flower can die from kidney failure in less than two days if left untreated. Tip: Try faux Easter lily plants for the same look without the hazardous risk to your dog or cat.

Most adults already know how dangerous chocolate is for pets, but it is important children know as well. Make sure to tell your kids that sharing with the family pet could make them very sick. Still, supervision is key. Tip: With chocolate bunnies in every basket, and chocolate and colored eggs hidden around the house and/or yard, it may be best if your pets are in kept in an “Easter free zone” during the festivities.

Chocolate isn’t the only tasty treat dangerous for your pet. Too much sugar can also cause digestive upset. Additionally, the foil wrapping around candies can cause internal damage. The sharp pieces may tear your pet’s esophagus or intestines. Tip: Be sure to keep a close eye on your pet and clean up all wrappings immediately.

Easter Kokomo PicEaster Toys
Those adorable baby chick toys and bendy bunnies may be good basket stuffers for your kids and remind you of your own childhood days, but to your pets they look like a good snack or chew toy. Small toys are a choking hazard and should be kept away from cats and dogs. Be sure baskets are kept off the floor, or pets are kept in another room while the Easter baskets are being unwrapped. Tip: Make sure all toys and parts are too big for your pet to fit in their mouth to avoid choking hazards.

Baby animals
Baby chicks, bunnies and ducks may seem like the perfect Easter basket addition, but think twice before you run off to your local farm & feed store! Not only do these cute babies grow up into large, adult animals requiring full-time care, they can oftentimes carry Salmonella and other harmful bacteria which can be transmitted to your children and other pets. Tip: Stuffed bunnies and chicks make a much better choice as Easter pets!

Whisker Sitters wishes you all a safe, happy and healthy Easter holiday season. If you would like to add any additional pet health hazards to this post, we welcome your thoughts and input to this post. And, of course, PLEASE SHARE THIS POST WITH ALL YOUR PET-LOVING FRIENDS!

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